Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Math blog

Hi guys,
This is my math blog post. About Equal Addition this is so fun to do. First you plus two on
88 and 23 then it is 90 and 25 and takeaway 90 and 25 and it equals 65 and 80-20=60 then 
8-3=5 then you put it to gather and it is 65 Laters.


  1. Wow! Paris. Great job on your maths. You made a picture in my head what you were learning. Keep it up Paris.
    By Van

  2. Wow Paris that is a really good way of doing it

  3. Cool Paris! I can see that you have learnt a lot about Equal Addition and that you are enjoying
    it. You have put a cool example and it is worked out great. I like how you explained it clearly too.
    Keep Up The Great Work! :)

  4. Cool Paris!
    As your learning buddy,
    I have really notice that you have tried hard to get your task on the tracking sheet.
    P.S you did a great job on your maths, You are a maths star.

  5. Nice work Paris
    I can see that you have learnt lots on this maths and you are proud to show it. You have done a great blog post. Keep up the awesome work.